With more than 10 years professional experience, Global Echo specializes in Diversity, Leadership & Project Management. We offer a range of consultations, training packages and other professional services to match the specified needs of our clients.

Our focus and expertise includes complex decision making, leadership strategies and adaptation.  We use a client-centered approach to facilitate behaviour change in your professional and personal spheres.

Our evidence-based practice aligns ancient wisdom with contemporary psychological theories and techniques, with an emphasis on boosting creativity and self-awareness.

We believe that fear is at the core of many blockages to change and we work to liberate the individual/group so that the desired outcome can be reached.

“Our voices echoed in the winds
Carried through on broken wings
They dashed across the stormy seas
Leaving a whisper on listening ears;
Leaving a trail on every land
Seeking those who together stand
Spreading the message loud and clear –
It’s time to pull down the barriers of fear”

Hala Abdelnour

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