“The unexamined life is not worth living”


Global Echo operates within universal principles of respect and preservation of self and of the environment. Our core objective is to contribute to the development and maintenance of non-violence within society. We promote and advocate for diverse and inclusive workforces and services. We believe that creativity and innovation are fundamental elements of human growth and evolution and we create space for these to flourish in our program delivery.

The name ‘Global Echo’ reflects our capacity to reach diverse communities across our planet, and our plight to promote intercultural and interfaith connections. Global Echo stands for the often unheard voices, the so-called minorities, and the unspoken truths.

We endeavour to work with our stakeholders, clients and associates to ensure that our practices are safe, accessible and inclusive; and that our initiatives contribute to the ongoing evolution of human societies. As Principal Consultant, Hala Abdelnour, likes to say:

“Live to Create. Create to Live.”



The Global Team

Principal Consultant – Hala Abdelnour BA, BSc, BSW

A lover of languages, people and creativity, Hala has lived, travelled and worked in more than 50 countries. She is an expert at designing and delivering professional training and has participated in event management, sales, teaching, counselling and community development.  Hala is the founder and director of Global Echo Consultants.

Trained in Psychology and Social Work, Hala has a strong work ethic and seeks to share ideas and knowledge that allow people to grow together. Hala’s passion for life and all its beauty drives her constant search for the depth and breadth of human capacity. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, social justice and non-violence.  Her specialist knowledge and skills are working with highly vulnerable individuals with complex trauma, multi-ethnic and multi-faith communities, and violent offenders (including family violence perpetrators).

She has spoken at various local, national and international conferences, focusing on issues of diversity, intercultural/interfaith dynamics and youth issues. A receiver of several awards including the Victorian Award for Multicultural Affairs 2005, an attendee at the Australian 2020 Summit 2008, a Vincent Fairfax Fellow since 2009, she joined the Diaspora Action Australia Board in 2014, was elected Chair in 2016 and continues to hold that role.

Hala has dedicated her career to assisting individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. She facilitates innovation and enhanced practice. Hala has recently established the Institute of Non-Violence to create an alternative space for working with family violence perpetrators; and developed the Leap into Yourself program for self-exploration and conscious living.


We partner and Collaborate with

It is our belief that people grow best when they come together to share ideas and knowledge openly and within a supportive framework. Global Echo engages a network of professionals across various fields.   Some of our key project partners and collaborators include:


Senior Psychologist Consultant – Stephanie Lagos

Experienced Senior Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Workforce Management, Behavioural Change, Employee Wellness, Personality Testing, and Life Transitions. Strong healthcare services professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Commerce from University of Melbourne.

Stephanie acts as a senior advisor on therapeutic programs and associate consultant in all areas of our work.





We have also worked closely with

Maria Dimopoulos AM of MyriaD Consultants (Maria is currently the Deputy Chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission

Ethilogical Consulting

Accountability Matters

ADC Associates

Moral Fairground

Jodee Mundy Collaborations

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