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Family Violence Consulting and Training –  A contemporary issue that affects all members of society, including business. Whether you are looking to enhance your revenue from customers, or to create a cultural shift across your organisation , we offer an extensive program aimed at helping you introduce the right policies and procedures that can ensure the safety of your employees and if relevant, your customers.  We work with you to employ a range of training packages for all your staff and a thorough review of your internal policies & procedures to address the following key areas:

  • Employee safety and appropriate management of family violence disclosure: Balancing confidentiality, safety and productivity
  • Setting and meeting organisational goals for respectful relationships: Creating a non-violent narrative, encouraging equity and creating a powerful values statement
  • Customer safety and appropriate management of family violence disclosure: Increasing revenue extraction via supportive payment systems


    Business Ethics & Leadership –  We work with you to create a cultural shift across your organisation by increasing awareness of various issues relating to your stated values, principles and objectives.  This will require various types of training for different staff and a thorough review of internal policies & procedures to address the following key areas:

    • Ethics for Leaders: Balancing confidence with accuracy
    • Know Yourself: Values Articulation and Execution
    • Uncommon Sense: The Ethical Business Toolkit
    • Blindsided: Managing modern Social Issues before they manage you
    • Resolution: Values-based conflict prevention and management
    • Evaluation of existing values
    • Analysis – performance vs values



    Diversity & Inclusion – Diversity experts tell us that heterogeneous groups contribute more creative ideas to the mix.   A diverse workforce will increase organizational effectiveness, lift morale, bring greater access to new segments of the marketplace and enhance productivity.


    Global Echo can work closely with your organization to help you develop and implement a comprehensive diversity strategy.   Our work is backed by the latest research from Harvard Business School, Forbes, Deloitte and other leaders in the field.   We offer staff training, full review of current organizational practices and a consultative process to design and implement strategies that bring out the benefits of diversity to your workplace.



    Leap into Yourself The Global Echo team is passionate about sharing ideas on health and wellbeing.   On a personal level, we take great interest in how we live our lives and the decisions we make daily that impact us.


    We have created Leap into Yourself to offer a program that allows you to explore your behavioural patterns and how you can create your own effective change.   The program combines reflective, therapeutic and creative activities and is delivered via a group process.




    Project Management


    Our team has extensive experience in project management, particularly in the community sector. This includes managing budgets, designing work plans, supervising employees, networking, and strategic alignment. We bring innovation, creativity and flexibility in the way we complete tasks.


    We are broadly connected to various groups and organizations and use our expertise and networks to benefit a variety of programs.  We have managed programs in the areas of gambling, substance use, community education, community event management, community development and engagement, family violence, working with offenders, youth-run projects, arts and music projects, storytelling and spoken word events, community sports events and more.



    Funding Submissions


    Global Echo consultants have successfully applied for more than a million dollars worth of grants through their engagement with the not-for-profit sector and community charities.


    We would love to assist you in writing grant applications. Alternatively, we can offer training to your key staff in writing successful grant applications or strategy management. For further information and to discuss our fees please connect with our team directly.





    Community Consultation & Research


    Global Echo principal consultant, Hala Abdelnour, has worked with a range of professionals and organizations over the past 15 years in researching issues that impact communities both in Australia and overseas.   Some of these issues include violence against women, emergency services, family law, substance abuse, among others.


    The research conducted by Global Echo has fed into reports to government bodies, Courts and academic research. We are constantly looking for ways to enrich public policy and empirical practice via research and consultation and we believe that this is central to productivity and efficiency across a range of sectors.



    Event Planning & Design


    Global Echo consultants are fond of community, gathering, cultural explorations, creativity and bringing people together.   This has led us to be directly, and or indirectly linked to event planning and design over the years.


    Our team has been involved in planning and running educational camps, art expo’s, community festivals, educational forums, conferences, exhibitions, poetry/spoken word events, and more. We have done this in Australia and overseas.


    We are excited to roll out a series of 1001 Melbournian Nights events.  Debuted in 2016 at the Fair@Square Festival, we are planning to run a series of storytelling, creative writing and performance workshops across Melbourne and eventually Australia.  These bring the ancient tradition of storytelling to our day-to-day lives.  The workshops are instrumental in building community connections and a stronger sense of identity and belonging.  Stay connected here.

    We have partnered with Moral Fairground to deliver the Ethical Enterprise Conference and with Jodee Mundy Collaborations for the Anstey Village Festival.


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